Treatment of Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism: How To Stop Drinking

Treatment of Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism: How To Stop Drinking

One of the ancillary factors in alcohol dependence is blood sugar imbalances. In fact our laboratory hypothesized [58] that one such genetic factor that influences behavior including drug and food seeking is a predisposition to glucose craving and the overall effect of dopaminergic activity kudzu to stop drinking in the reward center of the brain. This defect drives individuals to engage in activities of behavioral excess, which will increase brain dopamine function, for which we created the term Reward Deficiency Syndrome (RDS) [59] to categorize such biological influences on behavior.

Kudzu for Alcoholism: The Ultimate Dosage Guide

  • The researchers gave participants either kudzu extract or a placebo every day for 4 weeks (2).
  • We developed a standardized kudzu extract that preserved the ratio of the major isoflavones found in the raw root, except that the concentration of isoflavones was increased to 25%.
  • Moreover, in vitro, daidzin potently suppresses hamster liver mitochondria-catalyzed acetaldehyde oxidation.
  • One of the main reasons we drink alcohol is because it makes us feel more sociable.
  • All of the above factors may have contributed to the negative findings of this study.
  • NPI-028 contains the extracts of several plants including Puerariae lobata (kudzu) and Citrus reticulata, which have long been used to lower intoxication (Sun, 600).

In addition, the natural tendency of the spheres is to adhere to the walls of the small intestine for an extended period of time. As the mixture of varying nutrients are arranged into a more uniform particle size within the transport sphere, there is a stronger tendency for these nutrients to move across the walls of the small intestine together. This phenomenon therefore can create a strong synergy of action as complementary nutrients are made available in a timely fashion for ongoing bodily processes. Comprised of 100% food grade material, these spheres, upon releasing their payload of nutrients, are broken down and utilized by the system to improve overall well-being. Studies using both animal and human models have demonstrated that this type of technology can increase nutrient absorption from 50–400% [52–54]. Recently, unique discoveries have been made pertaining to the actions of bitters, and a family of 30 specific bitter flavor receptors in the GI Tract.

Kudzu’s Benefits for Health

What the evidence suggests. – Psychology Today

What the evidence suggests..

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In this study, researchers tested the effect of kudzu extract on drinking by humans in a naturalistic setting. The rates of alcohol drinking during follow-up phase were also reduced compared to baseline in both the kudzu- and placebo-treated groups. We had not expected that any beneficial effects would remain after kudzu extract had cleared the body based on our pharmacokinetic results (Penetar et al., 2006). A total of 21 adult males (17 Caucasian, 1 African American, 2 Hispanic, 1 Middle Eastern; mean age 23.8 ± 3.46 years, range 21–33) were recruited through advertisements in local and college newspapers and flyers posted in the Boston area. Persons who responded to these advertisements were given a brief telephone screen, and invited to the laboratory for further evaluations.

What Over-the-Counter Alcohol Withdrawal Medications Can Help Stop Drinking?

Of course, it is entirely possible that any of the above mechanisms may also develop with repeated administration and complement the immediate altered absorption effect that likely explains kudzu’s rapid onset of action. The number of participants who drank each available beer during the 1.5 hour drinking session following administration of placebo or kudzu. In retrospect, my experience demonstrates the utility of kudzu for alcoholism.

  • It does NOT include all information about the possible uses, directions, warnings, precautions, interactions, adverse effects, or risks that may apply to this product.
  • When they visited the bar, beer, spirits and white wine were freely available.
  • Only one breath sample was positive for alcohol during all three phases of the study.
  • We are cognizant that alcohol abuse induces severe effects on brain reward circuitry affecting stress/anxiety as well as reticular formation (sleep region) in the brain.
  • Kudzu root, also called Japanese arrowroot, is native to China, Japan, and Korea.
  • A copy of the written consent is available for review by the Editor-in-Chief of this journal.
  • The nature of these spheres, possessing several layers, also allows both fat and water soluble nutrients to be combined in the same sphere.

5 Alcohol Consumption—Treatment Phase

The reduction in drinking was evident rather quickly as it was apparent for the second through sixth beers and no kudzu-treated participant drank five or six beers, which suggests that binge drinking was curtailed. We developed a standardized kudzu extract that preserved the ratio of the major isoflavones found in the raw root, except that the concentration of isoflavones was increased to 25%. Our laboratory has been involved in assessing an extract of the kudzu root (Pueraria lobata) for its ability to reduce alcohol consumption in humans.

Cardiovascular effects

kudzu to stop drinking

7 Desire for Alcohol

  • This is the first ever pilot results showing that the complex Declinol, significantly reduced Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) scores in moderate to heavy drinkers in a naturalistic setting (Figure 1 and ​and2;2; Table 3).
  • Studies have shown that kudzu may work by increasing blood flow to the brain, reducing the desire to drink, and reducing the severity of hangovers.
  • In a (double-blind) study carried out by David M Penetar and his colleagues4, the influence of kudzu on alcohol usage was tested in 20 men.
  • The arrowroot starch derived from the Kudzu plant is also used in cooking as a thickener.

Medications that slow blood clotting (Anticoagulant / Antiplatelet drugs) interacts with KUDZU

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